Are there any areas in your churches you have been dogmatic about in the past but have since changed your opinion of?

I. Initial Recognition

1. What are some factors that you couldn’t have accounted for in the life of your church?

2. Talk about a situation you felt you were in over your head? What did God teach you about yourself through that?

3. Have you considered what your limits might be right now in your life? Kids w/ special needs, focus on marriage, aging parents to care for? Health issues?

II. Growing Awareness

1. Where are you tempted to become cynical in ministry or life right now?

2. In what way has church planting shaped something that is now true of you that once wasn’t?

3. How has your understanding of the role of a pastor changed as you’ve gotten older and matured? Not the Biblical injunction, but the practicalities of shepherding the flock Jesus purchased with his blood?

III. Acceptance and Ownership

1. Are there other areas of health you have experienced not on this list? Share with the group.

2. What has acceptance of your own limits and hurts taught you in ministry?