On November 1-3, 2017, San Diego Church Planting hosted Gospel Eldership: The Conference with Bob Thune, pastor and author of Gospel Eldership as well as other titles such as The Gospel-Centered Life.

We've recorded all of the sessions and posted them below. Enjoy and share this valuable resource!

The Preaching Pastor
Session 1

Most churches have a primary preacher which has its unique challenges and responsibilities within the eldership. How he conducts himself, submits to the other elders, and presents their voice is crucial to Gospel Eldership.

The Working Pastor
Session 2

Non-vocational pastors are an immense help and blessing, complementing the staff elders in the leadership of the church. The natural time limitations due to their job outside the church requires healthy and realistic expectations of their capacity and contribution. Gospel Eldership values and respects their critical role.

The Unity of The Pastors
Session 3

Part of the blessing of a plurality of elders is multiple perspectives and ideas, which can easily create tension and relational strife. Learning how to love each other, hear one another, truly work together, and make unified decisions is essential to Gospel Eldership.

The Wives & Families of The Pastors
Session 4

The pastor’s wife and children are the first he pastors. They are fundamental to the pastoral role. What is often forgotten is how being a pastor affects one’s spouse and children, both in their individual identities and how people in the church view and treat them. Gospel Eldership aims to support the wives and children in healthy relationships with each other and the people of the church.