Duane Smets moderates a panel of Pastors Chris Sandoval, Vince Larson, and Coral Cook on how we can navigate racial harmony in our city and culture.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

Has race been an issue or topic in your church at all in the last year or two?  Tell us about it.

What is the role of the gospel in responding to national and local racial injustices and racialized “events” ie Charlottesville? How to get ahead of it and be prepared to respond with the gospel?

How do we create a space for honest conversation and remove the veil of fear & offense surrounding these touchy topics?  

How do we also take steps towards people of color instead of only focusing on “attracting” people of color? As in how to integrate those two modes of being.  How do we resist the tribal tendency to seek out those who are like us in regards to class and race?

What is the role and purpose of “white guilt” if any?  What is “white privilege”? And how do we address its reality as a church?

What is the real and tangible vision of racial harmony even look like? How can we cast clear vision of something as nebulous as racial harmony?